Bermuda Hay For Sale


$2,000.00 – $1,000,000.00

Bermuda Hay for Sale | Hay Bales For Sale | Bermuda Grass For Sale.
Quantity Available: 10000 ton

Packaging: As Buyer Demands
Shipping: 3-5 Days within USA and 25-30 Days worldwide
Price: $80/ton ( Minimum Order 25 ton  / 1×40’HC full load container )

Bermuda grass hay is usually less expensive than timothy or orchard hay. There are some concerns that lower quality bermuda grass hay may cause impaction in horses (discuss this with your vet).



Hay Bales For Sale (Bermuda Grass Hay) – Bermuda Hay For Sale

hay bales for sale. Bermuda Hay For Sale. We are the number one supplier of quality hay bales for sale here at  Kwahzi Farmnal. Bermuda grass is a creeper. No, literally, it creeps on the ground through runners and rooting nodes. Its leaves are medium fine and it’s not picky when it comes to soil type. It can also recover from storms and heat pretty well. When you pull it out of the ground, you usually end up pulling a very long stem. Many a hot summer’s day was spent in my youth helping maintaining Bermuda grass and I think I’ve discovered the secret to pulling them out: Yank it really hard and follow through.

Establishing Bermuda grass is another thing altogether. Some people would hire a landscaper to help plant and establish Bermuda, but you with the times today, sometimes you’ve got to rely on your own. A plot of Bermuda grass costs around Php 50 these days, and of course the amount you buy depends on the size of your lawn. You don’t have to totally cover the whole area with Bermuda grass, just start at the center and work outwards until you reach your planned edge or turf.

Bermuda Grass Hay For Sale

The reality is there are more hay consumers than hay producers. We sell most of our hay WELL in advance of the feeding season. If you are going to need hay, you need to plan ahead. If you get in a bind, call and we’ll see if we can help you out. Bermuda grass is probably the most common lawn grass I see here in Metro Manila, but this grass can also be found in rural areas like grassland and rice paddies, too. It’s not surprising to see that it’s common because it thrives in sandy, warm areas and it’s not a fussy lawn grass. You just plant it and there it goes. It’s considered a weed in other countries, and if you let it run amuck without maintaining it, you’ll see why it can get pretty scraggly-looking without the proper maintenance.

It’s also used as supplementary feed for horses and carabaos. Have you ever seen your dogs chew on grass? Well, apparently, that’s not a random act—Bermuda grass can act as medicine for dogs when they are not feeling well. Dogs also eat Bermuda grass when they’re very hungry and have no food source. So if you see your dogs eating grass, you don’t have to worry about the grass but rather, you have to worry because they’re most likely feeling unwell.


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